Swazi Candles, situated in the Malkerns Valley in the Kingdom of Swaziland, has been producing fine handmade candles since 1981. Our artists and craftsmen produce unique candle designs which are reknowned throughout the world.

Our Philosophy
To create unique handmade candles of exceptional quality in a happy working environment.

History of Swazi Candles 
Swazi Candles was started in an old cowshed of a former Dairy in 1981 by two South African art graduates and a designer. In those days The Kingdom of Swaziland was a haven of freedom and refuge from the old Apartheid Regime across the border. It proved to be an excellent place for setting up a Craft Cottage industry. The mountainous country side was beautiful; The Locals were friendly and receptive to training and soon proved to be fine hand craft workers and skilled artisans. Swazi Candles began to develop a distinctly Swazi ethnic flavour and style.

The little workshop soon gained a reputation for producing unique candles and started attracting visitors from far & wide and was destined to become one of Swaziland's premier Tourist attractions. By the mid 90' the humble cowshed workshop had burgeoned into an industry that employed over 200 local people and exported candles all over the world.

Today the candles are world famous, we are proud to say each is still made and finished by hand and no two are the same! The only difference is that the range has grown into an astonishing array of patterns, shapes and designs that no catalogue can ever really capture completely. We hope we shall be able to carry on well into the 21 st century producing beautiful candles for our customers all over the world!